Battery delivery from Mn., Ohio, Ny, area anyone?

Truck leaving tonight going east from Mn.
Long shot I know.
Also may have a truck going West to Scott and back through SCa in a couple weeks.
Possible free deliveries.
Post location and time frames here.
SDI-22s are ready to ship now.
As is a 16s/18s 60/65v Tesla toolbox battery.

I might need something from FL to Cincinatti in 2-3 weeks

From Isaac,
“Some news. I will be traveling from West Virginia to PA then from PA to OH. Once we make our pick ups in PA and OH we will be headed to Colorado. Then from Colorado we will work our way down to Arizona then was planning to go from Arizona to southern California if we look in that last bid.”

He may be heading back to Fl. after this run.

A transporter here who responds to texts, email or calls? Thats unpossible.

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High hopes. He dropped a battery in Ga. and one in Fl.
If i can get him back to load up may have a Tesla tool box to Orange County.
Could then schedule drops along the route, and have Scott load him up for the return trip.

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Help in Florida
Here only 5 more days need batteries 2008 e2
No or low Maintenace since we are absentee

Can hook you up immediately.
I recommend the SDI 22s stock in Naples.

We’re in Florida?I’m in Naples

Truck update:
Chevy quote.
“Does anything need to be picked up in Colorado or Arizona ? I won’t be able to make it to California this trip as I have to be back home by the 17th. But I have another haul from Georgia back out to Arizona starting the 17th threw the 22nd. Plan on going on over into California on that haul. This haul will start on the 17th and last threw the end of the month. That will be our timeframe. Also winters recreation has some more carts for me to haul to Florida so on my way back from Cali I would most LIKLY come threw Minnesota for a pick up. Before heading back to southern Florida again.”

Not real clear, but better than nothing.

@ScottyD @AssyRequired @Erniea15 @MikeKC @djgabriel2004

What would it take to get one of those extra Tomberlin rear axles on the truck on that run out here to CA?

Winters CA is very close to me, like 30 minues or less. I have an 8kw motor kit that needs to go south to @AssyRequired

Or i can just send it GLS which is starting to seem to be the simpler option.

I have a motor going to Dave Florida to Mn. Also an E6 from Mi to Fl :slightly_smiling_face:

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No E8 to HI this time?

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This one seems to communicate.
See if you can get his attention.

From Chevy:
I’m in southern Florida. Destined for Phoenix then to Minnesota