George going Southwest tonight

About 2 hrs notice but can still throw a case of batteries on.
@MikeKC nothing set up yet for building a tote battery, is there?
Oh, i should check where the motor is going.

I have yet to hear from him about building a battery - but you can throw them on if you want. I am sure they will bet used in the next month or so, it is spring and everyone will need batteries. lol

Motor is going to CA - San Fran area

Let me find out if he will be near kc. Going to Oakdale for sure. Wherever that is.

I have a 22s front mount battery complete.
Possible free shipping for two hrs…

You want to send your front battery pack out here?
That is fine by me. I’ll see that it gets installed.

Oakdale is way up by SanFran.
Up by Jrj???
But if he is making a loop down south it might work out.

You know George. Know idea where he’s going. If there is a chance, I can through it on. He can always bring it back.

Ok, Mr. geography. I know he’s heading to Ariz. then maybe to Co.

I need some batteries too But I’m not in SW :laughing:

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George just left. 612,756,2009
Going to drop off 22s and a tote to @MikeKC . 2 cases of 16, take what you need. Possibly for @CraigKC if wanted.
@AssyRequired He has the front mount 22s, and a couple lcd displays. I will buy back boxes and whatever.

He can stop at @JarJarJava first if contacted.

And anywhere in between. He is picking up 50 SDI cells in Ca. that someone can buy at a discount before getting back here. Needs to be after the Oakdale stop.

Oakdale is about 100 miles due East of SF, just outside of Modesto.

I’m just west of Sacramento, so about 85 miles north and little west of Oakdale.

Be nice if George is coming in via the I-80, then I’m only 20 minutes from Sac which is he would go through to turn south towards Oakdale. Then could load your stuff up.

He figured to work it out to hit you both. See what he says.
Linked him to this thread. Hope he checks in.

I was rushed, but put two s4 in the tote along with some spacing material. I generally stiffen the tote bottom with something.

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Anyone have a progress report?

2-3 days ago I had a couple texts and George said he was going to send me a route map and he would call that evening. I guess he got too busy I never heard from him.

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When I saw this (several hours ago) I texted him. No response yet? He must be driving.

Last update I had was Tues. At that time he was targeting SoCal Sun/Mon, which means MidCal Fri/Sat?

I got the feeling this was still flexy time.

Good to know, Byron. Your stuff isn’t at my house, I wasn’t planning on picking it up until Saturday as Sunday was the original pickup date. I’ll get it organized tonight