George delivering to west coast - thread July 2021

Post updates to deliveries here.
Last I heard the trip is still a go. This should work for vehicles and parts going both ways and all over the country eventually. George goes all over depending on the loads he can schedule.
I am going to invite him to forum but not sure he will be interested.

Latest word:
Yea I reached out to George. And I’m all for supporting the guy that helps out the community vs a big company.

He says he’s looking to head out west before the 24th, so luckily the dates could work out.


I will try and keep up to date on the forum! Got people all over the place needing stuff shipped and trying to fit everyone in to get caught up since I had my trailer being serviced.

Like I said, I will try and keep up to date with the forum!

George is stopping in.
Anyone need anything heavy shipped?
I believe he’s heading south or west. Not sure.

Picking up here the 3rd.
Going to Todd in Oregon 1st.
Then South.

I have 4s Tesla in the truck if @Erniea15 wants to arrange drop off. Along with anything else going South or back to me in Mn.

28 cells + hardware loaded in @jrjava 's truck, who can arrange for George to return the 22s SDI on the swap to save shipping cost. Possibly a freebee if it’s easy. Give him some cheese. :slight_smile:
Will try to remember the Title, and some foam samples.


@Toddhoffman is he here yet?

Dave, do you have any 400amp BMSes laying around by chance? For the 2p14s pack.

Michael… same question for you sir, new generation GEM so up to 60v @LithiumGods
BTW - I’ve just been busy lately, I have to get in touch with you about sending back the 24s ANT that I didn’t touch


Trading texts with George. He can get it down to me and @AssyRequired . That’s a lot of driving for that small pack though…

Not if he was coming right by. Maybe he can drop it near you at one of his other stops.

The one you have will work. 24s will go down to 14s. Else I have ant and jk here. Still thinking of a way to get you my tool box battery.

If someone can get me the dimensions, I have scrap 1/2" osb fire-board available to make a shelf or two.
As it’s coated with a heavy fiberglass of some sort, hard to recycle. Would be great for battery boxes.
I’ll run it through the saw at my brother’s shop when picking it up.

@Inwo - Is George coming thru KC at some point? Ernie might have some Volt packs for me (4 x 12s).
So very small amount of space, or I could possibly meet him along the road if he is getting close?

@Erniea15 - my buddy would take the Volt batts but lets see if the shipping is going to work out.

The deck I made for my car is 14.25 wide x 30 in long. It could be wider in the front but that just makes for a more complex deck.

It has strips under it standing on edge that are about 3 in wide. So a bunch of strips of this will be good for under deck bracing.

The fiberglass makes it more complex to cut. It dulls most blades. Does your brother have a diamond or abrasive blade in his saw? That works, but creates a bunch of itchy dust.

I have a full Volt pack getting delivered on Tuesday. I’ll have them ready. Was going to split it with a buddy locally. Those Volt packs are so inexpensive, just can’t resist.

If for some reason shipping doesn’t work out, no biggie… I’ll find some use for them.

Maybe it’s something else. He lined his whole shop with it and said to use his saw.
If he has some 14x30 I’ll cut a couple

Last call for things from here.
George is stopping here today.
I did get 3, 14.25" x30" shelves cut.
So far only Jr’s 28s. Not even the 4s Tesla unless it gets arranged.
Cases of sdi cells are ready to load as is a 2p14s tool box battery.
And a couple 21s modules, no bms wiring. For cost of cells.


Wish I needed something from you, you sold all the Anvils before I got one… LOL :slight_smile:

Still need to know if his route will bring him close to KC after his SanD stop.

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George and I came up with a price to bring the 4s down here… probably cheaper just to send the old fashioned way but if it get him down so he can bring volt packs to @MikeKC, it might be worth it

Trying to think what else I might need that’s not easily shipped…

Byron may want a couple cases of sdi cells. Waiting for confirmation. I would rather not package the Tesla for FedEx.

Ok… throw it in with George. I’ll settle with him via venmo

I think Byron can piggyback the sdi cells then. Even if he doesn’t buy them, I can get them to the west coast.