George delivering to west coast - thread July 2021

Post updates to deliveries here.
Last I heard the trip is still a go. This should work for vehicles and parts going both ways and all over the country eventually. George goes all over depending on the loads he can schedule.
I am going to invite him to forum but not sure he will be interested.

Latest word:
Yea I reached out to George. And I’m all for supporting the guy that helps out the community vs a big company.

He says he’s looking to head out west before the 24th, so luckily the dates could work out.


I will try and keep up to date on the forum! Got people all over the place needing stuff shipped and trying to fit everyone in to get caught up since I had my trailer being serviced.

Like I said, I will try and keep up to date with the forum!

#1 Delivery battery from Mn. @HonestEvolution
24s or 22s +program charger

[quote=“Kevin, post:2, topic:21834”

Spokane, WA 99224

#2 Battery and charger.

#3. Tesla 20s battery, motor, charger, controller, harness

  • 8kw motor (drilled if you’ve got it)
  • new sevcon s4 72 volt controller programmed for 48v contactor
  • deltaq charger
  • telsa 20s battery, in case, jk BMS
  • wiring harness for the accelerator and directional control

He has a 2016 just like mine. Previous owner

So your looking for 3 shipments I take it? This is shipment #1 if im understanding correctly?

Also, could you add dimensions to the shipments and if they can be stacked and all that fun stuff. Will know exactly what im working with for spacing and to give the best quotes.

Thanks All!

@GHTransport any plans near Alamogordo, New Mexico?
There is a car I want to buy there.
Anyone need a battery or motor shipped nearby?

What kind of car are we talking about? How long/wide also. Might be able to grab it this trip possibly if I have the room. @Inwo

Like a Ranger but 2wd. Runs but weak batteries.

@MikeKC this one might be a nice test vehicle. I can mail you the controllers.
Got any lead batteries around?

I do have some leads. No idea if they are still good. Where is the vehicle?

NM. It’s in New Mex.

George, any plans going back to Texas soon?


Where you been lately? Grant may need something.

Heads up:
George may be leaving east coast for Mn. Thursday.
@grantwest he always goes to Cali.
@LithiumGods if find a Gem in the West, he can bring it back. May plan a fl. Trip soon.

If this works out, I can load him with batteries or parts when(if) he stops here.