Advance 7hp motor service in San Diego

I have a customer that has a 2015 E4 . Motor is making the typical arching noises and needs brushes serviced. He is in Cardiff(San Diego) Anyone in Socal can do it? @AssyRequired @Erniea15

Hmmm… I have a few things on my workbench,
What is his priority?
Want me to talk to him? Send me his info Via PM?

next 2-3 weeks. But has family coming and needs it done

I’ve never cracked open a DC motor believe it or not… I’m slammed through the end of the month anyway.

Block party this weekend
Chili Cook off and campout the following weekend
Raft up the weekend after that.

If he’s really in a pickle, I’m sure I could figure it out with you guys guiding me.

So Tuesday looks good for you, great. I will let him know.

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