Ride 4 fun 7.5hp motor for sale . Will take ge7 or advance black motor as trade in

Ride 4 fun 7.5hp motor . Oldhouseboater serviced it and I put it in and tested it . So ready to go .

$500 .

If you have a old GE7hp or the Newer black Advance motor I will take them as a trade in for $200 .

For 2005 to 2012 Gems the higher Rpm’s of the R4F motor helps with the factory high ratio gear box .

These motors are not recommended for E6 gems unless used on level terrain.
High load spline lube will be installed on the teeth before shipped .

i have a 7.5 that turns 4100 and max out at around 37. would this put me at 40?

probably . Tell me about your setup

i got E4 with the lithium batteries i got from you, 27c LiFePo with a 7.5 hp motor and t3 controller reprogramed and magic magnet stock 12" wheels and stock tires

also just got a t4 i want to see if i can make work instead of t3

It should get you a higher top speed . It is a higher revving motor . You are welcome to try it and see how it does .

Are you still in Key West ?

Yes I’m still in the keys bought a house in summerland …plan is to retire here

I have a 2009 gem e6. I wish I would have seen these posts before I bought some drop-in lithiums…anyway, do you reprogram chargers for lithium? Assuming the on on my cart can be programmed for lithium.

I do reprogram them . tell me about you lithium set up