Ride-4-fun upgrade for 02 E825

Hello all,

Looking at upgrading with the Ride-4-fun motor. Would love to hear your opinion and experience with it? Worth it? Waste?


More info needed. I have a friend with it and all else stock. My lithium converted cart beats hers in every measure. Would hers beat mine if she had lithium? Perhaps, but I’m not convinced by much. I’m of the opinion that the stock 5hp motor with lithium conversion can do just as well as the R4F until you push the temperature limit. Tell us about your setup and your expectations, top speed, hills, cargo, etc…

if higher speed is what your after , a mm is a lot cheaper and easier

What is a MM? We have a gel battery set up and everything else seems to be stock, and would like to increase speed. [quote=“Mr.Vern, post:2, topic:14440”]

MM is a Magic Magnet that Dave (@Inwo) makes. It tricks the controller into thinking you are going slower so that the top speed limit is increased. There is a setting you can use that makes the display show the proper MPH, but the controller doesn’t limit your speed.
This solution only gives you more top speed if you have enough power to go faster. It doesn’t increase your power. So, if your batteries are good and you have a healthy motor you will gain top speed.

If I recall, you had purchased one of the 66V battery setups and were struggling to get it working a few months ago. Did you give up on that?

I have a 2014 e2 with a stock 7 hp motor. Going with the R4F made an improvement. Going with 96 volt lithium made another big difference and tweaking the controller settings made things happen…
Comparing the two motors with my current setup; R4F will go a little faster/quicker and it is quieter. I have had the R4F at 43 MPH versus stock at only 39. To summarize, just sticking the R4F motor will make a difference, but it is a combination of several things to get peak performance.

Sorry it’s been so long…too many projects. I have a totally stock set up. I am looking for speed increase but really need significant hill climbing ability as I have a steep road to my house.