Newbie needs gear


I’m a newbie to the EV world in some respects. I have a background in science so the number crunching and “stuff done on paper” comes easy. What doesn’t come so easy is the actual hands on application.

I have an EV (converted ford escort). I didn’t build it though.

I need to know what kind of equipment I’m going to need to maintain it. Basically, what are common problem areas and what kind of tools/equipment are required to fix it? I’d like to head off problems before they occur.


EV stuff:
-maintain batteries (if they’re flooded cells, you’ll need a specific gravity tester and maintain them by adding water)
-replace batteries that are routinely low or swelling from overcharge
-Motor brushes
-fuses if any are blown
-contact cleaner, if needed, for the throttle pot
-motor bearings
-keep the motor clean and free of dirt/oil/dust/grease
-check the contactor contacts for moderate/severe pitting and wear

normal car stuff:
-maintain the transmission (see your car’s manual)
-tires, grease the suspension/bushings etc.
-brake fluid

So it doesn’t look like I have a lot to maintain. The batteries are sealed AGM, so I don’t have to do too much there.

Some big ones on the list that I don’t know much about are the motor components. What is the lifespan of the motors’ brushes and bearings? If these were to need replacement, am I looking at removing the motor from the tranny?