Newbie here!

Greetings from Apollo Beach Florida,

Newbie here. Just purchased a new (to me) GEM 2008 E2. 6 New gel batteries 3 months ago. It is green! Both in color and environmentally. Bought it to tow (on a trailer) behind our class C motorhome and to tool around our small community to the store, dog park etc. Took it out for a spin this afternoon. Could only get 15mph out of it. SCARY! Most streets here are 35mph. I need to move a bit faster to avoid getting run over. Took it back home and plugged in charger (green bars showing 60%). Hope this helps. The turtle was not lit up. Steve.

You have it in Turf (Slo) mode. Flip the switch next to Fwd Rev

Thank you. Right now, I feel a little SLOW! The writing is worn off that switch…was wondering what it was–

I am also new to to the forum. I am doing a bit of business master’s research on EVs. You guys seem like a knowledgeable community so i am hoping to get some valuable information. I would be very grateful.