New Zivan Charger

I just installed a new Zivan Charger and when it plugged the fan turns on and I get one beep and then a red light which then turns to yellow and then it flashes 5 times but there is no audible alarm. I provided elec conversion with my battery model numbers when I order the charger. I called them to ask if it is normal for the light to flash 5 times and they said they had no idea but it there is no audible alarm I should be okay. Is this normal for it to flash. I am going to leave it on overnight to see what the charger percentage turns out to be and hopefully it will go solid green

Did you program the charger according to the type of batteries installed?

I had it programmed by Electric Conversions. I gave them the model number of my batteries. After about 5 hours the light went solid green and the charger shut off

So your home free and happy.