New to the Forum, about to buy a GEM without motor/controller..

Dave your right the battery’s he got from you match his new gem perfict.

How many HP is the new green brushless motor?

On Ebay it says 5kw about 6hp.
@stretchkart do you use speed sensor?
It looks like the bigger ac motor on ebay would work with the navitas ac controller.

5 HP? I thought the Brushless motors would be pound for pound smaller/ lighter then the brushed motors. That green motor looks bigger then a stock 5hp Gem motor

Top speed??? I have it set at 20mph and it seems to be loafing. However it is turning 4000 rpm. Very smooth and pretty quiet. (12.44 gearbox, 21" tires) So, 30 mph is 6000 rpm. Not sure what the “rated” top speed is, I think slightly below 6000. I have had only 1 ride in a Gem previous to this project. On flat ground I think it went to about 30mph (might have had a MM in it) that compared to my green motor was much louder. I have noticed compared to a 36 volt series wound dc in my golf cart, it runs much cooler. I think the power use (wh per mile) is close to half.

Do you have any charts on a stock or aftermarket motor that you have used that you could post?

Here is some info on the green motor. I will say it is NOT light and it does seem considerably bigger and heavier than the Gem AC motor that I have layed hands on when I crawled under one for a look see.

This is the pmac:


Is yours a 37v motor?

And the 10hp cont. induction motor.
Appears to be 40hp peak. (31kw)

Yes, uses a speed sensor. Has temp sensor too.

Are you referring to that $200 dollar one from Motenergy? If so yeah, I was tempted to go with that but didn’t. Physically it is about the same size. But the data plate shows 49vac and the “navitas” one is 34vac. The navitas motor has bearings on both ends of the rotor. No clunking with my gearbox even without the rubber snubber. Do you have one of these motors (Motenergy?) if so does it have bearings on both ends?

No, only one end…