Need advice

Heve rebuilt several regular carts EZGO -Club Car and would like to take on a Gem. A guy has a 02 2 seater that he bought as a project but admits he’s over his head. Physically its clean and doesn’t appear to have been worked on. The guy wants $1000 with a set of cores.

My question: is there a $1000 worth of salvage on this puppy if it’s beyond economical repair?

Has anyone converted a GEM to EZGO or Club Car electricals? Their available, cheap and I can work on them in my sleep.

There should be. The frame is structural aluminum. The charger, controller, and various other parts will all sell.


Thanks Daniel

Made a substantially less offer and bought it less cores. I sorted out the electrical problems and have sent the Zivan off to be repaired. The cart is in great shape mechanically and the body cleaned up nicely with liberal amounts of compound and a buffer. The upholstery is great.

I had to replace all wheel cylinders and left rear wheel bearings. Wheel cylinders were $99 including shipping and bearings were $7.50 for the pair. I got a set of Private Label (Johnson Controls) size 31 batteries for $837 including the core charge.

It pays to have good relations with your battery shop.