New to me 2019 E6

Well I picked up this Cherry 2019 E6. 290 Miles
Power Steering, Stereo, Heater Defroster. Back Up cam, Hard doors, rugged bumpers,
J1172 Charging

This thing is a blast to drive. It needs some little things, and then I’ll be selling it $17

Sold !! I will Paypal you the 17.00 tonight.

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Go ahead send your 17, just add 3 Zeros :slight_smile:

Well that does not seem fair, raising the price on a guy by 16,983.00 after agreeing to purchase. LOL

Now it’s a E8

LOL - oh my god, that is great!!!

How’s the turning radius?

Turning Radius Ok Dave had a E-2 the Turning Radius was so funny. The thing could do circles in a 2 car garage it was so funny.
My E-4 No power steering. Turns as expected not great but Good.
The E6 OMG the thing is a TRUCK. A. 18 wheeler TRUCK LOLimage0.jpeg

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Psst, hey buddy. Ya wanna get that golf cart spinning the tires?

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You question about the power steering unless we get @MikeKC working with us.
Power steering is 12v. That’s the good news. It does need the aux battery for enough oomph.

Bad news, it needs speed data from the canbus. The only chance of it working, imo, get speedometer back online.

Seeing your e4 nose to nose with the e6+2 and I keep hearing “SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!”

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