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Hi All,

I am a retired commercial aircraft technician whos life long passion was to design a pollution free magnet motor capable of powering not only itself but other devices as well. And stay running forever until parts wore out. That took me 40 plus years but I am real close with this. Contact me for the link as I can t post that here yet.


I’ve got some swamp land in south Florida for sale…

Apparently aircraft technicians don’t know the first law of thermodynamics…

Perpetual motion is a myth!!!

Sorry to be a wet blanket but I’l believe it when I see it. Many men (and women) have worked till their last days trying to do what you’re trying to do and nobody has been (or ever will be) successful at it.

Send me your private E mail handle and I will make a believer out of you. I hope you post the link I will send you.

I have the DoD looking at this right now.