New LSV coming to market

Just saw this in the news - a new low cost LSV coming soon.

Our batteries use LiFePO4 cells that are state of the art, and electric car manufactures such as Tesla and GM are now switching to this type of safer battery chemistry.

Tesla has used LiFePO4 cells in the past, not sure they are “switching” to them tho…lol
The 4680 cell that is in the structural battery pack is the current direction.

But kinda a cute little cheap car.

State of the art. Wink Wink

I think i saw these on alibaba for like $1200 new

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even has a coupon for $3 off. lol

That is funny - the extra cost from Wink is DOT approved and being able to license in the US.
I have read some of the horror stories of trying to get a non-US car tagged in the US.

That solar panel option makes it look like you are always coming back from Home D.

Ali-Exp version has a bit more style IMO.
$3 off coupon but $1947.37 in shipping. How many can we get in a container?

Does George own a boat?