New Lithium conversion!

Yes , Shunt boards top balance . I’m a top balance guy . Put shunt boards on each cell and charge . Might need to help them out the first charge to get them level . Halogens work great .

I’m going to need the balance boards. Two of my cells went to 4.1 volts when I wasn’t looking! Hopefully they are ok. Do you have 25 boards? I measured the spacing at 106mm, but possibly closer to 105mm. Also, I have the charge profile of 13 on my charger and the top voltage doesn’t seem consistent. This first charges where around 91-92 Volts, and the last one was at 95V. Is there a better profile I could change to without sending the charger out? Or will the balance boards be able to compensate. Thanks

The balance boards will help hold them in line.
Send $135 with a note.

Do the balance boards “shunt” the voltage across the battery like the shunt boards? Or would i have to watch for the light and bypass batteries manually?

They shunt about 500ma, as I recall. That’s generally enough if cells are balanced to start. There is some hysteresis, bringing the voltage below the trigger point. So when in service, any cells that start creeping high, will be taken care of automatically.
Once you get to the point that charger shuts of before any cells go too high, it only takes an occasional look at the leds to know whats happening…

I was also looking at this. Chinese crap but it seems to work. Says it shunts 200 mA. What you think?

I use them all the time. Not much good for large lifepo4. A bms will work with the balancers. An advantage of your cells is not needing the complexity of a bms.
Do what you will. You have our advice on what works.

Just sent you the money, Thanks !

Thanks for the boards, I’ve got two questions about them. If I leave the ribbon cables hooked up do the cells balance themselves among all the batteries? And if I do hook them all together, what do the final ends of the ribbon cables attach to? I’d do I just terminate them. Thanks!

No advantage to daisy chain them without the cpu. They are shunt balancers only.
I do have some elite cpu’s if you want to make a system. Google elite power.
No one has taken the time to get one going.

Shunts seem to work pretty good, only charged once so far. A few are still a little high around 3.75v, but I think they will balance out. What is all entailed with the elite power setup? I may be interested. Thanks

I don’t know anyone that connected it. I can sell a unit for 1/2 price whatever that is.
Did you google it? That’s as far as I got.

So now I have another bug to work out. Now that the batteries are mostly top balanced the total voltage is high. I measured 97V the other day after charging. most of the batteries were around 4V. Also, the charger won’t charge because the pack voltage is too high, even when the batteries are getting low. The pack still shows about 83V (about 3.28V per cell) after 30 miles of driving. (I’m getting a single red light flash on the charger when I try to charge). Might need a different charger profile or something. Have you guys run into this? Thanks

#13 on a DQ charger will do a final balance charge of 96v on a set of gel batteries . I tested a 2014 DQ and it would shut off before this when hooked to a LFP pack . I can’t explain why and don’t know if it was that version of the DQ or if all would do it . Also don’t know if will continue to do it . The charger will not start a charge sequence with pack voltage that high . My guess is it needs to be below about 80v to start . If you upgrade to a lithium profile you can pick what you want max voltage to be and know you are protecting your cells . A 25s pack should not be charged over 88v .

Thanks, what is the easiest way to get my charger reprogramed with lithium? I remember reading that one of you guys do that. Thanks

I do it and Dave does it when he is not too busy . Same day turn around for me .

What year is your Gem ?

Send it to Michael unless there is something else you need that would save on return shipping.

its a 2007 e4. I would like to send you the charger. Thanks!

A 2007 should be programmable . If you want to post a picture of the side of it we can check before you ship .