New Lithium Conversion about to start

Just picked up four BMW i3 packs for a buddies conversion. Should give me 98v at ~140Ah. The form factor and the easy connect on the packs should make this a pretty sweet install. I will keep you up to date. This is going into an e6.

Looks good. Cut the balance leads to parallel them? Or build a harness?
I wonder how it would work to put 2 x 24s active balancers on it. One one each parallel pack.
If lots of these were available, I could have a professional harness made.

Yea Dave that is were you shine - I will need to build a harness, that is pretty easy for the two batteries (24s) but then to parallel the other battery in gets messy with the wiring. I suck at making that part look good. Two active balancers would be another way to go but that add complexity as well as cost.
I have the male end of the connector but it is mounted to a circuit board, it might be a passive balancer but I have no idea. I will post some pics shortly.

If the logic board is a passive balancer that would be awesome, There is one for each battery and I would not have to do any BMS wiring… :slight_smile:

@Inwo - care to take any wild guesses on if you think that is a passive balance board? It has something to do with balancing for sure just don’t know if it is active or passive. Probably need the “brains” to make it work correctly hense the second connection.

Yes, I doubt it works stand alone.

99% sure it is active and requires the brain . Balancers are cheap so having one on each pack might be easier then paralleling each cell .

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Thanks guys, I knew I would not get that lucky. I have ordered some JST Y cables and we will see how it turns out. Still a lot of soldering but I think I have a good plan.