New guy needs help

Good morning to all, I live in Salem Oregon and have Zap Xebra as my starter electric car I’m also in the process of converting my Bradley Gt in a full electric. I could use some advice, awhile back I was driving the Xebra and one of the batteries under the back seat bounced and melted off one of the battery posts, I’ve fixed that but can’t seem to trouble shoot the new problem? Any advice for starters? Thanks Rob the new guy!

And the new problem is???

Won’t drive but all functions seem fine!

When you melted the battery you probably damaged the electronics. You probably need professional help.

That’s the sad part! where would I start, there is not a Electric Cars R US store in town and I don’t know if I went to an automotive electric specialist if they would be in over there head?

Where did you buy the car. Is there no dealer near you?

It’s a private party purchase and I drove it around for awhile and hit a bump to melt the battery terminal, sadly it’s a 2007 Zap Xebra! Remember it was my intro into electric vehicle car, I’m building a Bradley Gt electric slowly.

Looks like you have an Orphan, Check out ZAP World in Californa maybe they can help. Since it’s a 72 volt car you might find a GEM guy that wants to take a flyer.

What brand and model is the controller?

It’ s a Curtis controller! Thanks Rob.

Its actually had the 7th battery added to the system, so 84 Volt I believe.

Ok this is good. What model Curtis?