Hello to everyone. I just joined this forum. I’ve been on the evdl for many years, but I came here looking for an easier to use interface.

In the last year or so I worked on an electric car located at Boise State University. Nobody else was really interested in it, so the school eventually thought of it as surplus junk. I got wind of it and they ended up selling it to me for very cheap. The car is ugly to me, but I’m the owner of an electric car now! It was functional when I worked on it at the school, and I think it still is. The problem is the batteries are very old, very abused, and very dead.

I’m not sure what my plans are for it yet. Put in a new battery pack and bet it on the road? Find a new donor to put all the components in (eventually I will do this)? Either way I have to wait for the budget to give some allowance for all this spending. So it will probably just sit for a while.

Anyway… hello to all!

I took a look at it and it has all the bells and whistles. Let me know if you need any advice. It looks like 20 6 volt batteries? 120 volts? What is your controller?

nice, you could do alot with that, welcome to the forums!

Hello Jon , welcome to the our forum. Looks like a great project.