New DIY EV Conversion it works!

Hi I am AME with good mechanical and electrical knowledge. I am new to this forum and have been thinking what if we can use existing technologies to make it all work in harmony.

Issues and solutions all found in he new gas guzzler Tahoe Hybrid :

1- Battery: Panasonic NiMH 300-volt Panasonic DC battery pack (1.8 kW/h)

2- Motor: two 80-hp, 12,000-rpm AC electric motors 2 stage directly connected to the transmission should be able to move a AWD Tahoe at 50MPH with ease

3- Controller: GM’s electric power inverter/conditioner. Converts the motor power (when it’s in regeneration mode) from AC to DC for battery charging. It also steps power down to 12-volts for accessories

Basically we have a coupe of options. By the individual parts from GM and put them together in an EV. Or wait for one of these beasts to crash and buy what is left of it. The battery pack is under the middle back seat so they should be good in a crash the key to the project is the transmission which is where the power AC motor and generators are.

Although I am little biased there no way in the world a 6 litter V8 engine is fuel efficient even when you add 500lbs of Hybrid equipments in it and change the wheels LOL.

Consider this NiMH is the best battery pack for an EV we can use, with no access for the general EV’ers to buy build or import for a reasonable price. The transmission built in AC Motor is a great solution is like killing 2 birds in one. And if it is all made big enough to move a tank, Tahoe in this case, then it will launch a Civic across the globe twice.

Excuse my humour but I am serious about this. Engineers welcome to comment and give me your 2 cents.

Good idea. I’l take a couple of those battery pack. Have any crashed in your area yet?