New 2016 GEM to be launched on 26th October 2015

What can we expect from the new 2016 GEM?

LiOn Battery Power, 48 volt, more range, new styling

Any ideas on price?

LiOn Battery Power, 48 volt, more range, new styling:eek:

when do you think we will see pics of the 2016

I saw them today and personally think they are butt-ugly.
I’m sure they’ll have some redeeming value, but beauty isn’t one of them.

Is this them?

Damn that is awful

Looks like their going after the commercial market.

Frigging… BUTT UGLY!!

Can’t say I’m surprised. They went backwards as far as the looks go. I hope the battery and range or power is improved, because that’s got to be about the Ulgyest looking thing I have ever seen

The value of all our pre 2016 GEM cars has just shot up drastically… :clap2:

Build a 2016 GEM e2 : Get Custom Quote

2016 GEM e2 - Electric Passenger Vehicle : Specs & Price

Bare Bones base price $9,794. With 8.9 kv L LIon Batteries $18,114. (Choke, Choke).

I found this image - attached.

I cant wait for the feedback over the next few days - seems to have been a bit of a let down if the initial feedback is anything to go by?

I remember when the 1958 T-Bird first came out. It was the first four seat T-Bird. All the purists that loved the 57 two seat bird said it was horrible and Ford made a BIG mistake…

It sold double in the first (58) year and by 1960 was selling almost four times as many as it did in 57.

Time will tell Grasshopper…

(I still don’t like it)

Their management must be blind.

Designers blind also… I wonder if their hearing is okay? Can They hear what we’re saying?.. and, Do they even care?

Not the first time someone bought a company and ran it into the ground. A crying shame. It wasn’t broke, why fix it. Just give it LI batteries as standard equipment without raising the price, a tinted windshield and lower the options 50%. …$1,300 for the golf bags option was/is crazy. The golfing buyers would come.

They had a winner design wise. Our cars look like a friendly face from the front. The 2016 looks like it just pooped its pants from the front…

I don’t mind the look, however, it is not as out standing as the past. No one will wave or smile at you or stop and ask you about it. It looks like they have gone with agm batteries and not even offering gels. Bottom line is that the 2016 is way way to expensive. More than some regular cars. Go build one on line, omg! I saw on another site that Costco is selling 2015s. 10k for a 2016 fancy battery?:turtle:. Barry

I agree. That the platform that gem had in 2002-current Gems was great. What it needed was a upgraded battery system. Why o why didn’t GEM just offer a refreshed GEM with a lithium Ion battery package. And make it so that people with original Gems could retrofit there existing GEMs with a new battery package. I think they would find a resurgence in GEMS. I did notice that Polaris did make a Push in their marketing to make people think these new GEMs were some how safer!

I do admit the #1 negative thing people seem to say about GEMs is this “good luck if you get hit in one of those” it’s like Polaris heard what the mass’s were saying and wanted to make people feel safer in a newer gem then the original.

I think if company’s like Polaris want to make more money on GEM units then why would they spend a million + dollars re making the GEM that many loved. To give us something like what they have given us? No normal person is going to buy a 16k 2016 gem. There In my opinion is way better all electric options out there Fiat 300e
BMW I3 Nissan Leaf. Real cars!!! BMW offers a 3 year 1 and done! Payment of $9k you can drive a BMW i3 for 3 years for 9k the new GEM is so ULGY I don’t care if it was 5k I would still stick with the original. Major FAIL Polaris