Neg camber cheap fix

The older machines sometimes develop negative camber. This has a few causes.

  1. Toe out. This happens with age and is not noticed by the owner. Not considered by a lot of people.

2 Displaced rubber in strut bushings. Normal with age.

3 Top strut mounting displaced upward. Normal with age


1 Adjust toe to 1/16 to 1/8 inward.

  1. Press out the bushings and turn them over 180 degrees. This will give you 5 more years and costs you nothing.

3 Drill top shock mounting holes lower. Leave as much metal between old and new holes as possible. Also make sure shock doesn’t touch motor.

What say you?

Those bushings can be tough to remove. Sometimes, the springs are just worn out. Expensive to replace. I have used washers under the top two brake assembly bolts to help bring the camber closer to 0 degrees.


I use a vice and 2 sockets.

Me too, still a lot of work and they may be damaged in the process. What kind of houseboat do you have? My girlfriend lives on a 44’ Gibson.


We don’t any more. Our last one was a 55 Pluckebaum which we lived aboard for 7 years. where are you at?

Baltimore. I keep the boat on the Chesapeake.