Camber/caster changes in forward and reverse

Hello, I am knew to forum, I just bought an E825 Gem 4 seater. Camber Caster issue, goes from one to the other when I change direction from forward to reverse. Bad shocks? Upper and lower ball joints are fine as are tie rod ends.

Probably due to excessive toe. Example: When moving forward to much to out will cause negative camber - to much toe in will cause positive camber.

Adjust your toe to 1/16 to 1/8 inch toe in and report back.

It’s not unusual to find 3/4 toe out in machines that have not had an adjustment. Thats why you see so many machines with negative camber.

Thank you for your quick reply, Already adjusted toe. Struts/shocks seem to collapse when youbgo backward and raise when you go forward .

Unless you back up miles at a time - it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Make sure you adjust toe after stopping the car when moving in the forward direction.