2016 Negative Camber

Is there a way to adjust camber on 2016’ and up?
I got back from a drive yesterday and wife watched me pull in and asked why my tires looked funny.
After looking at them the drivers side has quite a bit of negative camber in it (quite noticeable). The passenger side is not so bad. I can post pictures after I get back from the Chiefs game - Go Chiefs!!
Are there any adjustments in these car?
@Old_Houseboater - Could this have anything to do with the new half shafts? Maybe still too long or something - just thinking out loud.
Anyone else notice this on their 16+ cars?

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My wheels sit straight up and down no issues.
But I would think you could align or take out negotiate camber by adjusting at the top of the shock mount point like how they do at the alignment shop.

I would think perhaps one of your shock bushings at the top of the Shock some how is wore out causing the top of the shock to lean in and giving you Negative Camber. That’s the first thing I would look at.

And Un like the Chiefs Quarterback it’s Not gonna cost you 500 Million, to get results. LOL LOL LOL $500 Million Dollar Man!!! How is he working out for ya. Hey just giving ya Crap SF quarterback is way more useless and almost as expensive :slight_smile:

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So that was a good game… Still recovering…

Check the shock mount - all good there. The car has what 200 miles on it?
I am guessing it is the new half shaft might be pushing it out. I will have to take it apart and take a closer look.

Can you include a pic?

I doubt it is the shaft pushing the wheel out like that. You can check by grabbing the axle in between the boots and you should be able to push/pull it towards its ends. It should freely float and not be in bind.

I would think there would be an eccentric bushing on there somewhere for alignment purposes to get that wheel tucked back in. Maybe this needs to be retrofit?