Need Rack and pinion 2003 GEM 4 seater

Just bought a 2003 GEM that needs the steering rack replaced. If anyone has one available that can ship to California that would be great. Thank you

Did you try adjusting your present rack? Not a big deal.


The steering box has come apart but I’m going to take it off today and see if it is repairable

Rack and pinion is toast. Does anyone have info on a replacement rack? or if Polaris etc will fit? Thanks!

Anything on this? Did you find a replacement option?

Do u still need one? I can check to see if I have one

I just bought a cv joint from the Thing Shop & NEV accessories out of Nevada. Shipping was pretty fast. They may have what you need if you don’t find it anywhere else …I have their phone number if you need it…

Did you ever find one?