**NEED** 2003 E825 Gem steering rack or alternative

Having a tough time trying to find a second hand steering rack for a 2003 4 seater Gem Car.
The dealer have them for $525 but I am hoping to find a cheaper alternative.
Previous rack has cracked and fallen apart (see picture).
If anyone had info on a second hand or an alternative steering rack that will fit in the cart that would be much appreciated!

Thank you,


Try Karabecks Karts


I’m sure I can get you one for $200 + Shipping

Is that a gem car rack? 2nd hand?

Yes the rack is gonna be used

Ok great. How much for shipping and how long will it take? What’s the next
step? Thanks.

Contact Steve he is the one selling it his phone number is
‭(408) 655-2683‬