Need trans2 steering rack

Anyone have a steering rack for a 1996 trans2 (pre GEM)? Source? It may be the same as for an early 48V GEM.

Any help appreciated.

Call GEM Parts if you haven’t already - 877.447.0102 NEV Service

What parts do you need? Rack boots are the same as a Polaris Ranger ATV part number 5412013 (exact fit for both sides, order from motorcycle/ATV dealer).
Inner tie rod is NAPA Auto Parts number 2695088 (VW Rabbit/Jetta part), need M14/1.5 threaded sleeve to use this because the GEM is female and VW is male. If this sounds confusing, ask and I will explain how to make it.
Outer tie rods are now available from GEM as number 0112-02946.

A new rack from GEM was $330 the last time I needed one I still have the “rack” shaft and the sector gear, but the casting was cracked when someone ran into the curb.