Need A Basic Electric Motorcycle Wiring Diagram

I am looking for a basic yet detailed diagram of how to wire an electric motorcycle. What I have seen so far are diagrams of what I would call very advanced designs which leave me wondering if the person who is sharing the diagram with us is showing off or actually believes it can help others.

I like to take baby steps, so I am not interested in how to wire the entire bike with the regular components such as the headlight, horn, tailight, turn signals, etc you get the idea or with the latest in LiFePO4 battery configurations with a nuclear flux capacitor - jk

I am looking for how to wire a motorcycle conversion to make it go under the power of the electric motor with no extra bells and whistles. I know you will ask me for the details, but I believe a generic diagram will suffice for newbs like me regardless if we have and Alltrax or a Curtis controller, basically I am looking for a diagram that goes further than saying well hook up the batteries to the motor and the other end to the controller and off you go.

I know there are the “big” components (motor, batteries, controller), but where does the shunt go, where does the fuse go do I need a contactor, on/off switch, throttle, etc.

Here are more details as an example a 4 battery system of 12 volt deep cycle batteries, in series, hooked up to an Alltrax AXE 48 volt programmable controller, hooked up to the MARS ME709 motor, a fuse, a shunt (if needed), a contactor (what ever that is) what gauge wire to use between which components, etc