Electric motorcyle Wiring Diagrams?

Alright so I’m a senior in highschool and this is my senior project. So far Ive built my bike and I have it all welded together and waiting for electricity. I’ve put together a wiring diagram as best as I can but I’m not totally confident that its right yet.

My parts:
-mars 708 (etek-r) motor
-kelly KD48400 Controller
-albright ED250LB contactor
-hall 0-5v twist grip throttle
-westberg ammeter #A2C6-30
-DELTEC #MKB-500-50 Ammeter Shunt
-DC/DC converter from Thunderstruck motorsports


If anyone could offer me any advice with this that would be great. MY wiring diagram is below:

sorry I can’t help you with the wiring diagram, I’m just a newbie, but could you tell us what make and model is that bike you are working on, i like the frame

That’s alright. The frame is a gs550 idk what year but I cut the bottom of it off and then used 1x2 steel for the bottom and the front.