General help

reading some of these posts , you guys really know your stuff…i’m not a racer , just a 60 year OLD man , looking to put a e-motor on the trike …
have no probs w/ the mechanics , its the electrical thats over loading my mind
thought about a 24v, 500w, 28amp motor , 40amp controller, could use a wiring chart for this type of set-up…any help would be great …

thanx in advance

p.s. if i did want to race what kind of speed w/ i get out of it :smiley:

[QUOTE=B109874;2368]any help would be great …

thanx in advance

The controller depends on the motor. The wiring will be different depending on the motor. Did you plan to use a DC PM motor? DC Series wound motor? AC motor? Single phase? More? There are many options. Is cost one of them? There are alot of cheap 1000w motors like the Unite Motor MY1020 on ebay that are of the PM type used in scooters. The controllers are also cheap. ~$25 for 1000w 24 or 36v. The controller uses an optical twist throttle or a 1-4v signal. The wiring is as simple as 2 wires to the battery, 2 to the motor, and 3 for the throttle which have a connector for optical twist or thumb grips. A rough (very rough) guess would be 15-20mph with good range or >20mph with limited range. It depends on the gearing, controller and available power, amoung other things.

Remember 48v at 12a will run much longer then 24v at 24amps even though they are both 576w. Lead acid batteries don’t play nice with long periods of high currents. Thats why the “ah” (amp-hour) rating is actually rated over many hours, say maybe 20 hours. A 20ah battery can not put out 20a for an hour. It can put out 1a for 20hours. Marketing crap if you ask me.

MY1020 in the 1000w 48v version $100