How To Wire An Amp Meter?

I haven’t finished my motorcycle conversion yet but I am close so I figure I’ll ask ahead of time. How do you wire an amp meter. I will have a 48 volt system with a 200 amp fuse 300 amp controller, 300 amp motor (peak). I know I need a shunt, I plan on getting a 200 amp one, but how do you wire it up.

I am guessing the shunt splits the positive wire coming from the battery probably after the fuse using the two bigger bolts on the shunt. Then do I just connect the amp meter to the two small bolts and Bob’s your uncle? Or do I have to wire it to something for power. The meter I am looking at has four wires, Blue, Green, Black, Red.

The Blue and Green say input, I assume those go to the shunt’s small bolts. The Black and Red are positive and negative for 5 volts of power, where do I get the power from, I will have the stock 12 volt battery in the vehicle as well, do I wire it up to that?

Please be gentle, I am learning.

I’d recommend that you do not install an amp meter on your e-bike.

I say this because amp meters:

  1. Often require excessive wiring.

  2. Can be unsafe in the event of a meter failure (this can not only harm your e-bike power system, but you as well.

Having said this, I’d just go with a voltmeter.

BTW, I’ve seen a number of cars and trucks that had to be towed into the shop because of bad and/or failed amp meters.

Actually fitting an ammeter should not pose any risk to the system but you need the correct type.

Use a Hall Effect current sensor to replace the bridge between 2 cells, Allegro Microsystems ACS758ECB-200B-PFF-T is a 200A part stocked by Farnell for about £6,

It comprises a short thick copper element with an integrated Hall Effect sensor that produces a linear output voltage proportional to the current. The Hall effect sensor is electrically isolated from the copper element which makes the installation very safe.