National Plug in Day.. 9/23/12

we all or most of us here plug in our cars… although the EV people kind of laugh at us… let’s show them that we can be a part of the group… look for a show in your area and attend… even if you don’t take your NEV it will be an interesting thing… this was sent out by the Electric Auto Association… it’s free to join and just a few bucks to be a member… take a look

Electric Auto Association


Hi everyone. As you probably know, next Sunday is National Plug In Day, which will be celebrated in 60+ cities nationwide. The Electric Auto Association (and Plug In America, Sierra Club, and lots of other groups taking part) are really excited to turn out thousands of people to these events where they can learn about the many benefits of electric cars. At some events, there will even be test-rides, solar-powered charging stations, and mayoral proclamations!

I hope you’ll register for an event near you (and you might even win an iPad). See the blog post below from my colleague Ann and I giving you a teaser about all the events coming up. It was posted on Sierra Club’s Compass blog as well as the Daily Kos.
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Thanks and all the best,

Gina Coplon-Newfield