National Plug In Day 2013

SEPTEMBER 29th mark your calendar
Hey, everybody! Whenever you talk up National Plug In Day, emphasize that it’s for people who want to learn about plug-ins and test-drive an EV. It is NOT just for EV/plug-in owners. We just discovered that this is a common misconception. National Plug In Day was and is specifically DESIGNED for newbies


Plug In Day celebrations will be taking place throughout the weekend of September 28 - 29. Events will be happening across the US and other countries.

if your city/town is doing something and you have the time… join in… we plug our cars in too!


I’m going to try to get to the one on Sept. 29th in Falmouth, Maine. We have an NEV, so we will be there with a regular car, but it will be fun to see all the plug-ins.