National Plug In Day 29th September 2013

The date for National Plug In Day 2013 in the US has been announced, 29th September 2013. This special day will see a concerted effort to advertise and promote electric vehicles in the US with the idea of building momentum going forward.

Last years National Plug In Day was a great success - can those behind the campaign keep the momentum going?

we’re having it on september 23 in baltimore i guess. they’re setting up booths and showcasing EVs during the tailgating for a Ravens/Patriots game at M&T bank stadium.

National Plug In Day

Hi Evinstitute

I was wondering if you will be attending the event and if so would you be able to post some feedback on the forum?



Yes i should be attending the event for my company. I’ll post about it for sure.

Thanks Evinstitute,

That would be much appreciated.


Interesting, might have to check it out.

For those not aware, we have a section for shows where people can post their comments and feedback :-

Electric technology shows - Electric Car Forum and Electric Vehicle Community

This is a great step forward. This is just the start of the EV revolution.

If anyone is attending the event then perhaps they can feedback onto the forum?

so i was wrong about the date/event for baltimore. my company should be heading something up for plug in day tho i’ll be sure to post about it on here.

If there is an event in my area I probably can.

I am highly hoping to see this event with a little drag racing facilities for everyone and especially for the professionals. Electric vehicle events should definitely have the same features like those of fuel-powered cars. Let us hope that the exhibition of high-end cars will not be the only department that the organizers will showcase.

Update: My company is running a booth at Orioles stadium in Baltimore on Plug-in Day during an Orioles v Red Sox Game. Here’s a link to the info: National Plug In Day - Baltimore

by the use o electric car we can make our environment more clean and save our environment from pollution