Mystrey Beep question?

I brought a 2004 back to life. It had not run in 10+ years. So I bought it knowing nothing about it, I threw some new batterys and it fired right up. But it has a Beep that will not go away unless you throw the main breaker and cut off all the power.

It’s a low volume version on the Ebrake warning buzzer. Like I said only thing that kills the Beep is killing the power.

The only other clue I can offer is the stock Delta Q is in fault mode. Red Flashing light. (Like the charger is broken)

Is there more than one beeper or is it just getting less voltage? Can you find it and see if it’s another beeper?

Ahhhh good question. It appears it be a separate any Idea on figuring out if I have 2 separate beepers or if it’s the one beeper just with less voltage?

check directional signals and backup circuit

Find one and unplug it.