08 e2 constant beep

I purchased this used so don’t know much about the gem. I charged all batteries and they are all over 12v now. It shows a total of 78v. When flip the main on in fuse box it just make a constant beep and the control panel flashes and goes off. I pull the emergency brake and it stops constant beep. I’m trying to work on this in a very tight place so it is hard to get to things like fuses. I figure the 12v dc to dc is working cause I have 12v at the emergency brake. The only other thing is a hear one of the small relays under dash click. Also does anyone have a wiring diagram. Any help would be appreciated.

A constant BEEP with the parking brake OFF and the key OFF is programed in so you don’t leave the machine to roll away unattended. This is NORMAL operation.

If you don’t have an operators or service manuals you can download them off the net for about 5 bucks or less.

Also look here https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/NEVs/files/GEM%20manuals/

Any idea what might be wrong because it constant beeps with key on or off. Nothing comes on when I turn key. There is 76v on one side of big relay.

Wires are prone to fall off the key switch.

With the brake off (down) you should hear a big click as the main relay kicks in when you turn on the key switch. It sounds like your not getting power thru the key switch - Display should light up when you turn the switch on. - The other FIRST THING TO CHECK is the micro switch on the parking break. If it doesnt make you get NADA. Pull the boot and check this first…This switch has a high failure rate.

Yours is a later model than mine and I don’t have a schematic for it…

On older models the key switch kicks a primary realy and supplies power to pin 2 of the motor controller.and display lights up yada yada yada…

The micro on park brake has only 2 wires. If switch was bad would it not turn off beep when pulled?

Mine is a 99 and has 3 wires - are you sure you don’t have 3 there is one on top and 2 under that.

Yes just 2 wires.

Ok later models must be different. Your in the right place. Hopefully an expert will chime in.

My 01 has 3 wires also on the emergency brake switch. Depending on the switch (“normally open” or “normally closed”), a failed 2 way switch could fail in either state.

I’d pull both wires off the switch and then test the switch with a continuity tester (most basic voltmeters have this setting) to see if it changes state when the emergency brake is engaged/disengaged. If it opens or closes when the emergency brake is set/released, the switch is good and the adjustment is correct. If it doesn’t change state, I’d then try adjusting the switch position or emergency brake to see if it was an adjustment problem or a failed switch.


No my 08 only has 2. I pretty sure the dc to dc converter is out so I ordered one. It is sealed with no fuse.

A DC/DC converter is an expensive item to order without being 100% sure you need it.

Do you have 72 volts to the key switch - and out of it when you turn it on?

Note: Parking brake switch part # is the SAME for all models thru 2012. You need to take another look and make sure a tab didn’t break off the switch and the wire fall away.

I attached Schematics. 2 wires on park brake.

Sure enough!!!

Where did you find the schematic? I already printed it out. This will help a lot of people. Many thanks from all of us.

is the constant 12 volt dead? Charger interlock ok?

I’m still suspicious of the emergency brake switch and/or cable adjustment.


Completely different circuitry from the early carts. I blew up the diagram to poster size. Really interesting. Note: interesting and different, not necessarily better. Has more features though.


“more features” usually means “more complicated” and not always “better”!!

If you brought it into me I’d still suspect the brake interlock and not the dc to dc converter since that’s the simplest explanation that describes the symptoms.

[QUOTE=ARandall;23792]“more features” usually means “more complicated” and not always “better”!!

Yupper! However: The physical package is neater.:smiley:

Hi GR3

that schematic not work for 2008 handbrake

here comes park brake circuit for mid2007 and up

Now That’s a Gem service manual that I would really like to have a copy of…

I have a 2008 e2 service manual. If you have email, I’ll send it