My first GEM Car! Looking for advice

Not quite sure what you are asking here…
Can you be more specific?

Where can I find a lift kit and other random factory parts like front fenders and steering column covers?

Oh I thought this was going to go in a totally different direction.

Not being one that likes to bag on someone’s new toy, but you have been hanging out here for a several months now and it seems like you have missed out on the warnings. Before you fall down that rabbit hole any further you might need to seriously ask yourself how far you really need to get into this car.

The following are two snips from a couple of seasoned (respected?) members in response to a very similar thread that popped up about a month ago.

They say it much better than I can because they have been there, standing in your same footprints. Feel free to search the archives for their efforts and see if this is truly something you want to follow.

My advice to you is to start drinking heavily.

And maybe read some of the posts here

Then, fix it like you would a Fiat… 2 gallons of gas and a match…

Then go buy something newer.

You’ll thank me later

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That all being said, If you are still willing to dive into this, all of the example threads might be a good direction on where you need to go first, and which mods you could probably avoid.

BTW - What happened to your Think Project car?

Now that’s an idea.

Combine the two into one. Mad Max style…

Call it a ThiEM. Make it 4wd.

Twice the motors, double the suckage…

Sold the Ford Think, I was hoping this would be a decent cart for what I paid for it.

Haha, I don’t think that would be a good waste of time unfortunately.

What’s funny is I spent so much money on my 2002 (like 15k) buy the time I was done with it my car was as good as a stock 2008! LOL,
I had fun playing with all the different years.
Now I would give the same advice “junk that 2008 and get a 2016” LOL I understand not everyone can afford to do that,

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