Mitsubishi GR-HEV Concept

Now this is a hybrid I could sink my teeth into… diesel/electric!

When Mitsubishi first previewed this GR-HEV concept ahead of the 2013 Geneva auto show, we were intrigued by its diesel-electric hybrid powertrain. Now that the sheets have been pulled back, we’re still curious, but by golly the thing’s ugly. But like momma says, it’s what’s on the inside that counts—good thing, because outwardly, this pickup is seriously odd-looking.

The GR-HEV doesn’t immediately shout “truck!” upon first glance. It has a swoopy, aerodynamic-looking body that, uniquely, features an exaggerated coke-bottle shape. Mitsubishi calls the GR-HEV a sport-utility truck. Unlike past SUT efforts from the likes of Hummer and Honda, viewed from the front or the side, it’s not immediately clear that the growth off of the back of the GR-HEV is a bed—from most angles, it sort of resembles a large trunk. Size-wise, the concept casts a shadow that’s roughly the same size as a Honda Ridgeline, so it’s not tiny.