Post Electric car pics here!

Just thought it would be fun to start a Electric car pics thread. Post your electric car pics!


Venturi Fetish

Staring Tom Cruise - Minority Report - Lexus 2054 Electric Car


Porsche Spyder Replica Kit Car

This has got to be one of the coolest electric car conversions. Check out more photos at Porsche spyder electric car

Thomas Edison and an electric car in 1913

The guys over at rmoto are building an e-bike fully electric motorcycle. Nice looking setup. They are just in the clay model stage of the chassis.

Here is picutres of the new Toyota FT-HS a 400-horsepower hybrid concept sports car.

Looks like a very nice Toyota Prius concept dubbed x concept was at the 2007 Geneve Motor Show.

Here is an msn video clip (1:27 minute long)

and a few pics posted below.

Well, this isn’t a sports car or a concept car, but it’s mine - a 2007 Zenn with sun roof, 4 wheel disk brakes, and 35 mph maximum speed.


Tesla Roadster