Miles XS500

I visited the new Eco Motion electric car sales showroom in Portland, Oregon last month. Large and impressive. I had not previously known about the Miles XS500, which they say they will have “in a few months.” (They are selling the low-range low-speed Miles ZX line now.)

The claim in the literature they gave me is that the 5-seater XS will have a 120-mile range, 80 mph top speed, lithium-ion batteries, 320 V, made in China, and sell for around $30,000. Body by Pininfarina. The Miles website seems to have much less information than in the sales literature:

wow nice, i’m surprised they have a decent line up already.

Miles Electric Vehicle, XS500
[li]80 MPH[/li][li]120 miles driving range[/li][li]Appox battery life 100,000 miles[/li][li]Airbags[/li][*]$30,000[/ol]

at least it looks nice and simple and will blend in…