E-CAR Electric Vehicle For Sale – Factory EV

This listing is for a E-CAR, 2010 Model – All power model – This vehicle is a factory built electric vehicle (not a home conversion)… the vehicle is in a brand new condition, with less than 100 miles in it. It was only driven by the company CEO a few times. The batteries are also brand new (sealed AGM batteries – Maintenance free). The vehicle comes with a State of Missouri Certificate of title as a full electric vehicle (no restrictions), which means this vehicle is just like a normal vehicle and needs to registered and have license plates. This vehicle goes up to 65 mph with a range of about 50 miles.

This vehicle was purchased for a small business locally, but the business did not succeeded. It includes an powerful AC motor, regenerative breaking (computer controlled) 10 (12V) sealed, maintenance free, AGM batteries, power windows, power locks, remote keyless entry, Air Conditioning, Electric Heater, Power Steering and Factory Alloy wheels. Vehicle charging is done by the internal vehicle charger (onboard) through a standard 110 volt 15 amp household outlet. Charging times varies from 2-6 hours, depending how deep you discharge the batteries. This electric vehicle was manufactured by ECC (Electric Car Company) Electric Car Company . If you do not know ECC, it’s a Missouri based company located in Bonne Terre, they have been operating for a long time and they have imported several of these Chinese made electric vehicles (They were also a Miles EV dealer, and Miles is a part of CODA Automotive group in California). Parts are readily available from the company and through their website Electric Car Company.

  • This vehicle will operate at speeds up to 65 mph and a range of at least 50 miles depending on driving habits. * This vehicle makes a perfect city car and in an era of increasing gas prices will pay for itself in a few years. This is without a doubt one of the finest EV’s ever built. You may call me with any questions at 314-452-4369.

Price: $14.500

Location: Saint Louis, Missouri

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