MGB GT conversion using Leaf

Hi there, new to this forum and to EV world. I own a small restoration shop in Lithuania and was dreaming for a while now to build an EV in classic car shell. Now I have a client from Sweden who wants to do it in MGB GT.

We already bought a nice MGB and started to look for Nissan Leaf as a donor for conversion.


I’ve figured Leaf is the easiest way to do it. You get everything in one package, there’s plenty of info, knowledge, parts and aftermarket.

Idea is to build a street legal conversion titled as rebuilt car in Sweden. Something what can be used on daily basis, drive the kids to school and etc.
Electric power steering and climate control is a must. Also it would be nice to get a little more power and range.

I’ll post all the progress here. You can also see my work on Facebook as Godlike inc.
on Instagram @godlikeinc_resto

Was hoping get the guidance and advices from you guys, as I’m just a novice in this field.

First questions is:
How serious is a battery decoration without heat management? How can I make Leaf batteries cooled?
Is the direct drive, without gearbox, more reliable? We only have space for a small gearbox in MGB, I’m afraid it can’t handle torque of an electric motor.
What can we do to improve range and power? Is it worth spending more on newer leaf with 80kwh battery or can we just add more batteries to older/smaller Leaf pack?

I think it makes more sense to convert the existing car. A friend did it and it came out great! Check out solarcarandtractor. John Howe built an MG into an electric car.