Melted Charger Cord

This morning I went out to pull the charger plug and it seemed to be stuck in the car. After a bit of work I got it pulled out only to discover that the plug had gotten pretty warm and partially melted one side of the plug on the cord.

I’m in FL, a block from the Gulf so corrosion is always a problem. Could a dirty connection cause this or am I possibly looking at another issue?

2001 825, stock, new batteries.


Edit: Male terminals look to be clean- Guess they don’t corrode as it’s a marine grade plug but man, that thing got how enough to mar the plastic in the plug.

yes. I live on the water in FL. corrosion is a problem . I put an electrical grease on the plug prongs to keep that from happening .

That’s exactly what I did.

Most cases it’s the cord wire size/quality. In this case the connection behind the male pins look overheated.
Disassemble the male power inlet and take a look.


Those are marinco plugs . Used on Boats

Just got back from the local boat store with a new plug. That brown wire is melted into the plastic of the old one.

Mine was burned like that when I got it too. Searched on Amazon and found the exact same plug and about half the cost of what West Marine was charging. I can’t find a link though. Sorry.

All good, Doug. Local marine supply had it for the same price as Amazon. Took 10 minutes to install and we are charging again.

I had to replace the receptacle also due to overheating and contact damage. One thing I think may cause an issue is not getting the extension cord plug pushed fully onto the receptacle and so I make a point of seating it fully and so far have been good.

Thank you. That’s probably the case here as the kids will plug it in after using it. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on it.