Mawdsley motor

Starting research to find out what I aqqired to see if it’s worthwile to use. The company was scrapping a Lansing Bagnal tower and I pulled everything but the prehistoric controller. The motor was bigger than I expected and is a Mawdsley 4008404, 13"diameter and 14" length. Was running at 72 volts but how many voltscan you get away with? Don’t know what I might put it in yet?

Well from what I have read so far the weight of the motor fits the formula. Increased diameter improves eficiency and it’s low volts that will burn a motor. It’s a shunt type so less torque than a series. Amazing what you can find out for yourself on a place like this!

Still wouldn’t mind some opinions as to if it’s a viable choice especially if I stay OR stray from 72 volts. I have contactors, and converter already at least however not that big of an investment if I wanted more volts.