Massachusetts introduces bill to ban modified exhausts

Massachusetts introduces bill to ban modified exhausts

Legislators in Massachusetts are set to introduce a bill in October that will ban modified exhausts in the land of a certain tea party and the world’s best baked beans. The pious patriots over at SEMA have been fighting this day for years, but the politicians have decided they’ve had enough with the Flowmasters, already. The proposed law doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, as Massachusetts already has a noise ordinance in place, and the bill doesn’t even have any clear standard for the law to enforce. Lawmakers want to specifically ban any “exhaust system which has been modified in a manner which will amplify or increase the noise emitted by the exhaust.” While we’re not all that excited about annoying exhausts that can wake a trauma victim out of a coma, we’d like to see this proposal go the way of the Boston Braves.

I’m a muscle car guy… yes I like EVs [I]and[/I] gas guzzlers! :slight_smile: (as recreation or a hobby)

Anyway, this really stinks, even though I don’t particularly like loud cars. What you should do is get a bunch of off-road and muscle car guys from [I]out of state[/I] and arrange a nice 100+ car road rally to pass right through the capital city! Maybe circle a couple of times… That would be a fun protest!!:smiley:

[I][B]“Look at my overly loud exhaust system that I paid $300+ for that sounds like I have a rusted out muffler problem!!!”[/B][/I]

Loud exhausts mods are annoying, stupid, and gay…

I imagine this is just going to be a blanket reg that the cops can use whenever they hear some stupid ricer downshifting his coffee can in a residential neighborhood. Unless you sound like you have open headers I doubt you’ll be bothered. Nevertheless, the only regulation should be the volume, with a specified dB level measured by a calibrated device at both idle and WOT from X feet away. Nothing else should require regulation.

Having said that, nothing in the world like a super-quiet exhaust. When you floor it and the ricer beside you only hears himself and only sees tail lights receding quickly into the distance, nothing in the world like hearing that blartbag getting quickly quieter. Wish I could say there’s nothing like beating one, but I can only say that if I’m the guy on the bicycle. :smiley:

Love It!!!