God Almighty

The Zenn motor car may soon be legalised on all Canadian streets! I received some e-mails last and this week from ZENN saying it was approved by Transport Canada.
There was a segment played on CBC’s “The Mercer Report” about the car in which Rick Mercer went to the St-Jérôme assembly plant and test drove it. He ended up driving to a super market, showed it off to many people, all of whom liked it.

Because the Zenn car is manufactured in Québec (where I am). Ian Clifford stated It should cost our native market slightly under 12,000 STRONG CANADIAN :stuck_out_tongue: dollars.

DeLorean_4’s stubborn rant:
I quite honestly dislike the Zenn. It’s limited to 25 mph, with a 40 mile range, the company has worldwide exclusivity over EEstor battery technology (15 minute charge time, exclusivity applies to vehicles under a certain mass) and it’s stealing the attention from the other guys that are building electric cars consumers really want such as the white star sedan. The kind of cars “anti-EV folk” can’t use as an argument against the technology. I’m thankful for one thing though, and it’s that they’re legalising a Canadian-made product on the Canadian market without it being marijuana :wink:

I nearly forgot I ever made that post.

No need to worry, I have matured much since then. All I need now is a month to re-read my EV books and to catch up on what’s happening with green transportation nowadays.

The best thing which I like in Zenn is its name meaning Zero Emission, No Noise.