Zenn to discontinue manufacturing cars - any concerns?

I’m looking to purchase a Zenn - I’m looking at a 2009 model and a 2010 model.

However, I’m reading that Zenn Motors is discontinuing the production of cars, and is going to concentrate on producting drive trains.

Should I be concerned with buying a Zenn at this time?

Thanks for any discussion around this.

I think a lot of these small electric vehicle producers are going to struggle over the next few years as the major players move into the market. My understanding was that ZENN was stopping development of their new models to concentrate on drivetrain and power storage.

The little ZENN neighborhood electric vehicle sold at the moment is based on a diesel powered car built in France by a company called Microcar.

I don’t know whether the cars are actually built by Microcar and shipped to Canada as engineless ‘gliders’ or whether they are built under licence by ZENN themselves. If they are supplied by Microcar in France, it may well be that they can no longer get hold of cars: the Microcar MC2 on which the ZENN is based was replaced about eight months ago.

Microcar themselves are working on an electric version of the replacement model, which is supposed to be launched in Europe in October 2010. I suppose it is not beyond the wit of man to guess that ZENN may be working with Microcar on this electric version, in which case we might see ZENN importing that car when it becomes available.

As to whether or not it would be a good time to buy a ZENN… I’m not sure it is that relevant. ZENN are not saying they are going to disert all their existing customers, only that they are going to concentrate their efforts in electric drivetrain development.

If ZENN were to go out of business, or decide to ignore their customer-base, you would still be able to get hold of mechanical components and body panels from Microcar in France - and I would guess that some enterprising owner or existing ZENN dealer would probably start up a sideline import business to get hold of these parts. Electrically, the car uses off-the-shelf components and so any electric vehicle specialist would feel right at home maintaining the car.


I bought the ZENN after all.

Now I’m trying to figure out how to remove the motor controller to send to a service provider who will increase the speed to 35 mph, but can’t figure out how without removing lots of parts. It really irks me when I hear from the dealer and the service provider that it’s very easy to do, but no one can provide instruction. I’m told to take pictures of what I do, but I have no idea how to get started. It looks like I have to remove the entire front bumper, and I’m sure that’s not right.

Any advice or information is greatly appreciated.