Citroën EV

I was in Montréal today and I saw a Citroën 2CV and a more recent Citroën van EV by TM-4. It’s a Québec company that develops eco-friendly technologies and uses Citroëns from France for their vehicle, and then sells them to Hydro Québec. I think it’s the first time I have ever seen an EV on the streets in action… anywhere… ever.

I also learned that Zenns are now available to Canadian customers now, but that Provinces and Territories need to act to get them road legal.

yup, i’ve been trying to deal with a company that deals with them. apparently they are working on some new vehicles and they will have hub motors. its too bad they dont test fit any motors… :rolleyes:

The electric wheel was invented by HydroQuébec around 2000. I personally find it to be inefficient as a result of its small size. The electric wheel also serves as a good argument for the anti-electric car population “But it’ll put mechanics out of business because of its complexity and lack of a transmission”. I think it be best to stick to the traditional engine -> tranny -> propeller shaft -> differential -> axle -> wheel layout.