EV in Jacksonville

Hey there, I will start the posting for Jacksonville.
I wish to get experience in performing EV conversions and am looking for someone who has an in progress or completed project that I can see. I would even be cool w/ seeing a motorcycle conversion just to get the jist of things.
Also, if someone is looking for help w/ their conversion, I would be more than willing to lend a hand. Thank you and good luck!

I was on my way to work today driving on I-95 when I caught up to a guy doing 60 and thought ‘Man what a slow driver’. Then, I saw that he had no tailpipe. I rolled down my window and listened for the tale-tell sounds that should have eminated but heard nothing. Trust me, I know from experience what happens w/out the muffler/tailpipe and it doesn’t sound pretty. EV’s exist in Jacksonville after all!!! Anyways, it was a Nissan pickup and the guy didn’t look too concerned that he was driving 5 MPH slower than the speed limit, but neither would I. :slight_smile:
Rock on dude whoever you are!