Main fuse

Hi , can somebody tell me if there is a main fuse on my 2005 gem car. If so can you tell me its location.i have lost all power to ignition switch and checked all small fuses and they are fine. Thank you so much.Regards, Kieran

There is one between 2 batteries under the seat. Also there is the breaker built into the main switch. I think they are about $80.

PM "Gwest " for details.

Hi , where is the main switch ? thanks

In the fuse compartment in the dash, read your manual.

You can download one here.

Hi again, thank you for your help. I have checked the main fuse and it is perfect. All the fuses in the fuse compartment are ok but I cannot get dash board lights or ignition. I have fitted a simple on/off switch for ignition, to eliminate ignition switch as the problem. I still have no power to ignition.

A common source of this problem is the charger interlock circuit.

You might try unpluging, and repluging all connectors that exist

Do you have 72+ volts to the power distribution panel?