ISO Main Breaker 2005 E

Second time Ive popped the Main breaker in our GEM.
Checked with GEM Parts Direct and they do not have one in stock. This can not be a unique part to GEM. Does anyone have a cross reference # so i can pick up local at Electrical Supply or Auto Parts store. Even online where I could have next day air’ed. Would like before Friday.

Location on vehicle is in the fuse box in dashboard.


GEM Parts Direct P/N 060-00445
Description; Switch, Disconnect - 100A

It needs to be a switch only, as it carries 350a peaks.

That might explain why when it popped it can’t be reset.
Any idea of the part number to source the switch.

Im glad you chimed in as well. From what Ive read in the forums you have a lot of knowledge and experience with these carts. There defiantly a lithium upgrade in my future.
Its not overly surprising this is the second time this has failed. Same hill (very big), same spot, four adults, and oversized tires. Goal it to get running again for weekend and then dig into a permanent fix.

I can’t recommend bypassing a safety switch, but that’s what I would do.
Put a switch somewhere else where there is more room.
It’s tough to find a switch with required specs. The old Gems used a cheap switch by the battery. I do have an electrically operated switch that fits the bill. It can be operated remotely with a small pushbutton. No current used during operation. It latches on or off just like a snap switch, but from 12 volts.

Do not use a 12v or 32v switch. It can’t safely interrupt hv dc. It takes a special design switch. The oem one is not adequate. IMO
Here is one:

You can search the part number for a USA seller.

Ooooo - good point!! My end of day tired brain did not think about the effects of the higher Voltage.

To avoid misdirecting future readers I will withdraw my suggestion.